Use Mobile Marketing to Reach Your Audience

How Mobile Marketing Can Attract a Larger Audience

Businesses are leveraging new marketing platforms like video, social media and mobile to acquire customers and build a supportive community.

Mobile marketing can push messages to your clients and build a loyal raving fan client base. This provides something no other form of advertising can – instant traffic.

Consumers are using their mobile devices to access the Internet more than ever before – and it’s expected continue to grow at astonishing rates.

Pew Research reports that 95 percent of Americans own a mobile device — most users keep their phones within arm’s reach over 90 percent of waking hours. Americans are spending an average of three hours per day on the Internet from their mobile devices.

Shopping on Black Friday in 2016 also made history according to CNET, who reported that there were $1.2 billion in purchases from phones and tablets.

More people are accessing the Internet and social media from their mobile devices than from their computers. When combined with other marketing methods, mobile marketing has proven to increase conversion rates.

Imagine, it’s a slow day at your business and you promote a paid ad on Facebook and Instagram then soon generate instant sales. Can you see the power of mobile?

There is still a small number of businesses who have responsive websites that are mobile enabled. According to an article on Marketing Land, only 18.7 percent of 100,000 top-tier websites in an Akamai study were responsive.


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