Top 7 plugins for better WordPress media management

By default, WordPress media management is quite good. When starting a fresh blog, the media library will be empty, and organizing new files won’t be a problem. Even if it’s your first time with WordPress, adding new images, videos and audio files will make you feel at home.

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While you’re still working with just a dozen of media files, you won’t feel the need for a better WordPress media management tool. But when you start using the media library on an everyday basis, when your articles get filled with images and videos, and when you start counting the files in thousands, things will change.

Don’t get us wrong; even in that case, you can still work with the default media library and organize your files without serious problems. But you should know there are 3rd party plugins that can make your life easier when it comes to WordPress media management. Stick with us, and we will show you seven plugins to help you with the media management.

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