How to increase open rate of email marketing campaigns

10 tips to increase open rate and let your subscribers always open your emails

As you know email marketing is an essential part of the success of an online project and you probably also know that having a mailing list is crucial, without you can’t do anything!

Well, today I give you another news, unfortunately, this is not enough! As you begin to do email marketing you will bump into a much bigger problem and that is the opening rate of the email (also called OR).

The OR is the ratio between the number of unique openings of an email and the number of subscribers that has been sent.

Having a higher (or still acceptable open rate) means having a greater possibility to convert, and then to begin to succeed online.

Below you can find some useful tips that will allow you to increase open rate of your email and start producing results with your email marketing.

Let’s start!

1- Organize your mailing list into sections

organize mailing list

Having a well-organized mailing list into sections, for example by area of interest, can take you to have an impressive increase of open rate. According to research carried out by Mailchimp, a campaign with an audience, segmented on registration for an individual interest, leads to 5% more of openings than an email with an audience not segmented.

From this research we can take a very important tip: it’s critical to understand what the user expects from you and from your emails and the easiest method are surveys or questions at the moment of registration.

Personally, I advise you to think a lot about the method with which you can segment your audience. Think about a question that you can make in the registration form, or think about a survey with few questions where the user reflects on his own needs; all this work will lead to an increase in your open rate and consequently in a future an increase of conversions.

More conversions = more happiness


2- Send the right amount of email!

send amount

Another major factor for the open rate increase of an email is the frequency with which you send emails. If you send emails rarely your subscriber will not remember who you are and will not open if you send too often risks to annoy him, and therefore the user does not open anymore, thereby decreasing your open rate.

Prepare immediately a timetable, thinking about the contents to be included in the email and how often send them, personally I suggest you send a maximum of one email per week; remember to keep to this timetable, it is your reputation online!
According to a study, half of the people who have unscribed from a mailing list did so because they have received too many emails.

If you do not know your writing and the tolerance they have towards the frequency with which they will receive the emails you should try more frequencies, and for each period measures your OR and the rate of unsubscribe and choose the one that gave you the best results.


3- Choose the perfect time to send emails

choose time watch

Identify the best time to send your email is very important, for example, usually, a person will be more inclined to open an email during working days than weekends.

According to some studies and my experience, you should send your campaigns on Thursday (on this day you could have an OR 10%higher) and avoid the weekend, because the user usually isn’t on the computer.

Obviously, these data are generic; you will have to adjust the schedules according to your mailing list. For example, if you have a professional public you will need to send emails during the week and during business hours; if you’re promoting a disco, surely you must send your emails over the weekend.

This reasoning, of course, is also true for hours, which follow your audience (or your mailing list). In general, the hours in which it has a greater OR are from 7 am to 11 am and 5 pm.

Recently, thanks to some tests we performed with our American mailing list, we noticed that in the US appears to be convenient also send at night so that it can be read in the morning.

Remember to test everything that concerns hours and days, in order to have the certainty to make the most profitable and efficient action.


4- Use your name as the sender’s name

name senders

One of the keys to success in email marketing is surely being as human as possible; For this reason, one of the best ways to increase your OR exploiting this key is the use of your name or that of a real person as the sender’s name.

The increase of OR thanks to the use of your name as the sender has a very simple reason: people do not like to talk to a “robot” and, above all, seeing that to send the email is a known person or otherwise mentioned they have already heard about are safer and enticed to open it because he knows that is not SPAM.

Another advice I give you is to not use the generic email as or the these types of email addresses make impersonal emails and consequently lowering OR.


5- Clean your mailing list

clean mail list

Oh yes! Now you will need to clean your house and your mailing list. 🙂

Having a clean mailing list is critical as it allows you to have accurate data on open rate and therefore have the ability to make better choices and precise.

This “cleansing” operation is a very delicate and personal:

Delicate because, you are going to remove members from your list and especially because you have to create a delete/extraction well studied and especially automatic process on your email marketing system, so that it deletes/extract the contact when certain conditions you established occur;

Personal because, the user can be considered inactive when he does not perform certain actions that correspond to the objectives you want to achieve and, obviously, are very likely different from any of your competitors, or of any other person.

When you’ve determined your inactive users you should act in this way:

1- Make sure that the user is moved from your main list into a secondary where there will be only inactive users;

2- Create an engagement email just for these users, for example by entering some discount or otherwise some bonuses to make sure that he take an interest in your product/blog;

3- Send it and track their behaviors;

4- Users who perform the action will have to be re-entered in the main list, and those that don’t perform the desired action or those that don’t open the email you will eliminate them.

Recently, I’m testing Sendinblue, I advise you to try it because, in addition to being very efficient and easy to use, it has a professional and automated management of inactive users.

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