How to Boost B2B Lead Generation with Content Marketing

In the 2016 report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 62% of B2B marketers said that their organization’s content marketing efforts are more successful compared to a year ago. This is an indication that content marketing is more than just an industry buzzword, but an important business strategy that any organization must have.

The same report also revealed that the top content marketing goal of organizations in the following months is lead generation (80% of all surveyed marketers).

If lead generation is an important content marketing goal for B2B marketers, then the next logical question to ask is: what types of content produce quality sales leads? Here are a number of lead-generating content marketing strategies to consider.

1. Produce content that is genuinely useful.

B2B content must not only be interesting and stimulating but also have utility and practicality. Its reader/viewer must be motivated to think how to apply your blog article, video, or white paper in some way to their own business. It should be your priority to become a leading source of useful, engaging, and quality information in your industry.

To compare, the goal of many B2C content is to inspire or entertain. Red Bull, for example, creates either branded content or shares exciting media. This is great for building brand awareness, but not much for targeted lead generation.

2. Know the basics of an effective landing page.

No matter what form of content you are trying to use to generate leads, it all comes down to great landing pages. Econsultancy reported that only 20% of marketers are satisfied with their conversion rate; meaning, there are a lot of ineffective landing pages that aren’t building leads or making new business.

Formstack, a startup focusing on building online forms, said that an effective landing page has the following:

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