Green Web Hosting. Powered by the Sun

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but we’re now generating over 20kW of electricity via a large solar array that pumps electricity right into our datacenter!

And did you also know that our data center was extremely energy efficient even before we built our solar array?  We use ambient air cooling – filtered outside air – to cool our servers, instead of air conditioners, whenever the outside air temperature is below 70 degrees.  Since we’re located at a 7,000′ elevation this means that our datacenter is cooled without air conditioners nine months of the year – and even most summer nights!

You can read the details and see our live solar production right here:

So are we full solar powered?  No, not yet.  During the sunniest parts of the day our solar array does produce more power than all of our servers, cooling and lighting use.  Over the course of a year (nights and cloudy days included) our array produces roughly 1/3 of the power our data center consumes.  And we have plans to be fully solar powered within 3 years.

So when someone says “Do you know of a Green Hosting company?”  You can say, “Yes, mine!”


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