Generate More Sales Qualified Leads to Feed Your Sales Team

After implementing inbound marketing, you probably noticed an increase in the leads collecting in your database. But your sales team is demanding more qualified leads.

So how do you generate more warm, qualified leads? These four steps will help ensure a successful strategy for creating more sales qualified leads with your inbound marketing efforts—and satisfy your ever-hungry sales team.

Discuss What a “Sales Qualified Lead” Means

Marketing and sales must see eye to eye on what qualifies a lead as ready to be contacted by the sales team, otherwise no one will achieve their goals. For example, the sales team will not be able to close leads who are either unqualified or not far enough down the sales funnel, and leads will be turned off by the salesperson’s misplaced efforts.

Marketing and sales need to agree on what a qualified lead is to achieve synergy. This step alone can make a significant difference. Once you’re on the same page, the right leads can be handed off at the right time.

To make your hand-off process as efficient and effective as possible, consider using an automated process. Learn how to set up a CRM (customer relationship management system) with this free guide.

Develop Your Lead Flow Strategy

Now that you’ve discussed what a sales qualified lead looks like, it’s time to put it down on paper. Create a document that clearly defines your different lifecycle stages, when and how they are handed off to sales, when and how these leads should be followed up with, and any other labeling conventions for leads that you’ll be using in your CRM.

Share this document with all company departments and be sure to make this a living document—changing with your marketing and sales department as your database and company grows.

While the document should be shared with the entire company and suggestions for tweaks and improvements should come from many angles, make one person the document gatekeeper to keep it in order and make any needed updates to the CRM. This document will help you identify, and more importantly avoid, any bottlenecked, mislabeled or lost leads.

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