7 Online Resources to Tap When Creating a Marketing Plan

Whether you’re launching your first startup, preparing for the release of a new product line or getting ready to make the leap to self-employment, you’re going to need a bulletproof marketing plan before hitting the accelerator.

Regardless of how great you believe your solution is, a strategic marketing plan will help you better formulate your value propositions, target the right customers and reach them as efficiently as possible.

Over the past few years, I’ve helped brands like LinkedIn, Zendesk and CreativeLive develop and execute high-return marketing plans. Through my research and practical experience, here are the top seven online resources for creating a marketing plan that in order to get real results for your bottom line:


1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Want to get a clear estimate of how much online demand there is for your type of product or service? Google’s Keyword Planner will give you the most accurate idea of how many monthly searches there are on Google for the specific keyword phrases you enter.

For example, if you’re planning to launch a new portable speaker targeted for use in the shower or at the beach, you’d want to check out the level of demand and competition while creating your marketing plan. With Keyword Planner, you can get a snapshot of how many people search each month using keyword phrases like, “waterproof speaker,” “Bluetooth shower speaker” and “best portable speaker for the beach.” You’ll also get clear estimates for how much running an AdWords campaign will cost for your target keyword phrases.


2. Buzzsumo
This tactical research tool gives you the ability to track down the highest performing existing websites, content and influencers in the space you’re operating in. Buzzsumo’s content researcher gives you a targeted list of potential partners for your marketing campaigns, destinations to run sponsorships and relevant influencers who’d likely be interested in becoming brand advocates for your upcoming solution.


3. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator
Like it or not, any marketing plan in today’s digital age needs to incorporate content. Whether that’s in the form of written blog posts, testimonials, product reviews, video content, animated films or otherwise, creating unique content is a must. After entering a few nouns that describe your upcoming product or service, the blog topic generator tool by HubSpot will automatically give you a list of five creative topics you can create content around.

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