4 Steps to Get Real Marketing Impact from Your Personas

The Persona at the End of the Line

Like most marketers, you’ve got personas on your “to do” list. You can’t be a self-respecting marketer these days without creating them.

We all have seen the presentations of these B2B or B2C customer types in human form, from Cameron Controller to Pauline Popcorn.

And let’s assume for conversation’s sake that you’re one of the minority (according to our research) who is blessed with well-built personas that reflect research with actual prospects and uncovers hidden insights that can give you a competitive marketing advantage.

So you can check that box. You’ve “done” your personas. Now what?

Do those personas represent the end of another marketing task (destination) or the start of a journey to new sales and marketing opportunities? And more importantly, how exactly can personas be translated into more effective marketing?

How Personas Help You Do Better Marketing

Fundamentally, good personas can and should equip you to answer three questions. We will use B2B decision-making as our example since it is more complex (with multiple influencers and decision contributors) and more in-depth (with multiple layers of messaging at each stage of the consideration process). Here’s where you should apply persona learning:

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