3 Ways to Make Personalized Marketing a Practice, Not a Goal

Marketing–the process or technique, not the profession–is a verb for good reason. It represents an ongoing dialogue between brands and their audience. While these conversations change depending on who’s participating in them, they’re constantly evolving and creating a foundational relationship between the two parties.

To create, build, and grow these necessary and meaningful relationships, brands are segmenting their audiences and personalizing their content and campaigns. However, many often settle for a bare-minimum approach, adding a prospect’s first name to sales emails or segmenting customers based on sweeping demographic markers.

In today’s increasingly personalized world, this approach is obvious at best. At worst, it doesn’t lend to a meaningful interaction with a prospect or customer. It can also mislead brands into thinking they are achieving personalization when they’ve only bucketed buyers into a broad segment like “millennials” or “empty nesters.” Such an approach falls short of truly representing individuals, their interests, pain points, and actions.

Communicating with your buyers shouldn’t feel like checking a box or completing a form. Below are three best practices for a holistic, personalized marketing strategy, aimed at building meaningful relationships with buyers at every turn:

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